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Shantou Chenghai ChengXing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the famous overseas Chinese hometown in GuangDong province, the beautiful coastal city - Shantou special economic zone. It is adjacent to the shantou port, international airport, railway stations and bus center, the transportation is very convenient.CHENGXING Machinery is a professional manufacturer of can making machine, has provided one-stop service for domestic and foreign customers with research, production, and sales. " Quality first, Service first" is our business purpose.

Our main products are including l-50L Welding Machine series , Powder Spray Coating machine , External spray Conveying machine, Energy-saving Drying machine, various can-making equipments and different kinds of accessories.Our equipments were spoken highly of domestic and foreign customers since it launched to market in can making industry.

Your satisfaction will give us more power, in order to provide better service to our valuable client, we insist on technology innovation and install human-computer interface terminal to each machine to implement CNC auto control technology, all round real time monitoring, easy to operate.

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